Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dog 2 finished and new news

Hello there, back again with some new news. I am currently working on a set for Leeds Theatre Group's 'An Ideal Husband' which will be on at Sevenarts theatre in Leeds from the 6th to the 8th of May. More pictures of that after it has gone up. In the meantime, Here is the second section of the second Dog puppet build. When you joined me last, I was attempting to find all the materials to make the puppet from the local area, however, for the body I had to make a concession and get hold of materials from the store. I needed something which could act in the same way as the pipe I found for Dog 1, but couldn't bet on finidng something just right at that time. In the end, I went for a sheet of wire mesh which I could shape well, which would be light and easy to fix to the frame. I coupled this with some felt and stuffing from a sacrificial pillow of mine. Other than that, the mechanisms worked in the same way as the previous dog. here are the pictures. I've also included some more pictures of the original dog and the Phaedra's Love model box and set.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Well, scarborough is finished and all in all it was a really fantastic event: There were great shows, great visiting artists, and a really nice atmosphere of interest in other people's work. Both Bad House and Phaedra's Love were commended, and I was personally very happy with the sets for both, and the puppets for Phaedra's Love, which all together had some very positive feedback. I still have yet to put up new pcitures, but will do so as and when I have them. i am currently designing a new show for Leeds, An Ideal Husband, and am looking forward to a new puppetry project. I will be attending a workshop at the Puppet Centre Trust next week, which I am looking forward to very much, and otherwise getting materials toegther after Scarborough. if anyone is here looking for any information about any of my work, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and I hope to have new pictures and projects updated soon.