Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dog 2 and set news

Well if the counter on the right is correct, there are at least one or two people regularly visiting to take a look here. (Hello if you're one of them. Why not leave a comment?) Meanwhile, I am preparing the set drawings and models for presentation for Phaedra's love and Bad House, but in the meantime I thought I'd write a quick blog about the dog. The head was formed pretty quickly, and I made the neck using some hoover pipe I found. However, the body became a problem. I discovered I wasn't able to find something appropriate to use in the local area's various skips, and realised i'd have to rethink it slightly. The problem is when I found the first piece of pipe it dictated it's own design, but was not the definitive design. Therefore, for the new, larger dog, I am using the same design structure, but am attempting to model it out of mesh this time which shouls be lighter, and easier to mould. It won't be as strong, so may require a wooden frame to bulk it out a bit. Fortunately, There is plenty of wood about. meanwhile, here is a progression of the dogs head from face up. His face was modelled first, and I have just finished papier mache, which really brings the item to life, seals in the design as it were. here are the current progress pics, and I will update on the next body stage, as well as set models and drawings. Oh and look out for the crafty use of milk carton corners for ears...

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