Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dog Puppet Build, Part 1

Hello. here are a series of pictures detailing the manufacture of the two new puppets i've built for Ravenrock's Phaedra's Love. Part 2 of this and Parts 1 and 2 of the Vulture build to follow. I will try to take you through it as clearly as possible!It starts with a load of polystyrene from which I will make the head of the dog to start with

Then I carve out the rough shape
A milk carton makes the ears...

and I begin adding masking tape to make a base layer to glue onto
This pipe I found in a skip will make a good base for the body
The tools required. I'm basing the dogs design on a german shepherd
Fopr the dogs neck, i'm going to use some hosepipe, to give it strength and flexibility
To attach it, i'm putting a block of wood to drill into in the middle of the dogs head
Drill through to the wood...
Then Attach the pipe through the holes
Now it's ready for papier mache...
Meanwhile, this sign post I found on the street will make a perfect spine for the dog, and will also provide enough wood to make the body for my vulture

Cut it to size to fit in the pipe....
...and while it's out, attach the block which will be the base for the tail
Attach it to the inside....
...and attach the wire which will pull the tail up and down

That's it so far for part one, part 2 of the dog build and part one of the vulture build will be up soon

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